Frequently Asked Questions. Here are some common questions about Weefeen:
Do I need to pay to use Weefeen?
As of today, Weefeen Platform itself is free to use and no credit payment is required.

As we grow and propose more product capabilities and services, some product capabilities and/or services will be available for a service fee in the future.

However, we have the strong will today to keep the baseline of our platform for FREE to benefit a maximum of users.

We would strongly recommend users to create a FREE account and use Weefeen already from TODAY:
Early adopters who trusted Weefeen during the startup phase will always keep the most attractive account conditions.
If my music score is unavailable in the Library, can I request for it to be added?
Yes. When you are logged in in www.weefeen.com, you can request to add a score

The process is also explained on this video

If the score is available as public domain, we will add it for free in the platform.

We cannot add today score which are not in public domain.
How long would it take to have my music score uploaded to my Library?
24 hours is the estimated timing.

However, depending on the demands, it could be longer. In this case, the user would be alerted by Email on the situation with an estimation on the timing of the release of the score.
If I share my recorded performance with others, would they need to create an account too?
They do NOT need to create an account to listen and benefit of the platform features.

However, for some features like "writing a commentary" or "managing your own publication" (upload etc..), a user account is required.
Can other Weefeen users access my music scores and recorded performances?
You can control what to share or what to keep private.

Our system allows to publish or keep it private. By default, all the newly created performance are private. The user can manually publish a performance.

Still need help?
Send us a message.

Please write to us at info@weefeen.com or
go to the contact page.